2012 Sandy Writers’ Conference

Many of you know I placed second in the Sandy Writers’ Contest two years ago. (That’s me in the photo, I’m the one in the middle with the red shirt.) I also had a fabulous learning experience at the Crested Butte Writers Conference, which sponsors the contest. I wanted to let you know, I received word from the contest administrator that 1. There are only six more days for you to enter this year and 2. There are few entries in almost every category!

This contest is so worth your while. It doesn’t cost much for the opportunity to have professional and semi-professional judges critique your material. Of course, if you get to the final round, you will have an agent or editor read it and, if you go to the conference, you can pitch to that agent or editor.

The 2012 Sandy Final Judges are:
Romance – Sue Grimshaw, Editor at Large & Category Specialist for Ballantine & Bantam Dell
Mainstream Adult Fiction – Kevan Lyon, Agent at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Suspense / Thriller / Mystery – Kat Brzozowski, Assistant Editor at Thomas Dunne Books
Fantasy / Science Fiction – James Frenkel, Editor at Tor / Forge
Children’s & YA – Mary Kole, Agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency

So will you enter?




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4 Responses to “2012 Sandy Writers’ Conference”

  1. L.G.Smith says:

    You know, I think the announcement that they were allowing published authors to enter this year might have scared off some people. Don't really know if that's true, but it sort of had me thinking why bother.

    I didn't get to go to the conference last year. Looks like a good time in a great location.

  2. Mark says:

    I don't think I have that much confidence in my writing.

  3. Janet Johnson says:

    I'm tempted! But aaack, a 2-page synopsis? I cringe just thinking about it. 🙂

  4. Victoria Dixon says:

    Okay, I just noticed the really weird background from my copy and paste. I have to say, I hate blogger sometimes. Sigh.

    Ok, I wanted to make sure my answer was right for you, L.G. because the whole published authors thing wasn't in place when I competed and I didn't pay much attention to the rules this year because I'm not competing. Here's Teresa's response: "Yup, published authors are invited to join The Sandy-however the entry MUST be fresh, new work unseen by any editors and not professionally edited." Back to my response, I think if you're confident in your work, it's still worth it. Especially considering the quality feedback you get even if you don't final. (My judges were amazing.) And the conference was worth EV-ER-Y PEN – NEY. If you can, go. This from the mouth of someone who used to hate going to conferences. ;D

    It is a great place to learn, Mark. And the judges try really hard to give encouragement as much as critique.

    Janet, you can do it. You SHOULD do it. Get thy funny bone in shape and send in Bob. Or Charming. Whichever ever story you're doing first. LOL It's a wonderful, fun yet fresh and sometimes poignant take on the myths and I think you'd get some great feedback. Possibly on the synopsis, which may be exactly what you need to help you with the arc I know you've struggled with for the two stories. So yeah, I think you should. My .02.

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