Check Out Justine Labalastier’s Anti-Racist Rant

Justine Labalastier is an Australian author of young adult, middle grade and adult fantasy. She’s also a delightful person I had the pleasure of meeting in 2008.

I just finished reading her blog for today and I’m pissed. I find the U.S. publishing market’s assumptions (as stated in her blog) both exasperating and nauseating. You know what folks, we have umpteen different cultures on this planet. Get over it! It’s time we value each other for who we are instead of highlighting some as minorities or as something other than white. Regardless of skin color, we all have the capacity to read and think and make purchases based on what we think. Right now, I’m thinking I’ll buy a copy of Justine’s latest, called “Liar” – from Australia.






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3 Responses to “Check Out Justine Labalastier’s Anti-Racist Rant”

  1. A misinterpreted wave says:

    A thoroughly intriguing post. Do you have link? I would love to know more about this 🙂

    Off to google 'Liar' and Justine Labalastier.

  2. A misinterpreted wave says:

    Aaaaah- just found her on your blog roll 🙂

  3. Victoria Dixon says:

    Hi, Misinterpreted. Good to see you again. I hope you had a chance to read Justine's rant. It's powerful stuff.

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