Empress Overboard!

Yup, I went query-happy yesterday. A little too happy. I found an entry I’d made into a Miss Snark competition last October when Michelle Brower judged. She said she was interested, but wanted corrections made before reviewing the material. Since I’ve since made dramatic corrections, I decided to submit a query email to her last night. Alas! I had made an error in my excel spreadsheet on agents and targeting my submissions. Her data got mixed with the Lyons’ agency and I misunderstood. I thought she must work for Jonathan Lyons. Sigh. So sometime within the next two weeks, he will conclude that I’m a dork or worse, careless. Double Sigh. I don’t know how likely of a shot I had with him, but it’s probably nil, now. But I submitted to a few more agents yesterday, including Michelle and Jonathan. I may hear from Jenny Rappaport this week, as well. I honestly expect her to pass as she says on her site that she is not interested in literary material. I may be a fantacist, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be literary!






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5 Responses to “Empress Overboard!”

  1. ChristineTB says:

    Sending you cyber hugs. The universe will find the right place for it. I think timing will be in your favor….C

  2. Victoria Dixon says:

    Thanks, Christine! And thanks for stopping by to comment. You’re the first. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, think positively! Either submit with a hopeful attitude OR submit elsewhere. And, you know what? These people are human, just like you are.

    They just are more well-known for certain things you like to do.

    So, keep your eyes open, your heart spacious, and mind always extended to receive something good in your life.

  4. Jeannie Lin says:

    I used to use an excel spreadsheet but then switched to Querytracker.net to keep track of my queries. I love that site. They have a very active community so they've collected great comments and statistics.

    Good luck on the hunt!

  5. Victoria Dixon says:

    Thanks, guys! Hi, Jeannie Lin! Thanks for the tip on Querytracker. I've used them to hunt down authors and agents not listed on litmatch, but I've used both the spreadsheet system (for hopeful agents) and litmatch to keep track of what I've actually sent. It's worked well so far. Alas, I keep looking at Jill Grinberg's response time…. And she's just my most hopeful pick of the bunch.

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