Glen Dixon

Glen Dixon is a graduate of William Jewell College with a Bachelors in Biology and just three credit hours short of a Bachelors in Art. Glen’s main artistic format is Computer Graphics. He has won multiple awards in Kansas City-based art shows and has over ten published book covers to his credit for D.L. Rogers and several unpublished pieces for me:


Religious Art Work:


Joseph Dreaming of the Angel





Art For Victoria Dixon

The Cover for Mourn Their Courage: A Three Kingdom NovelMourn Their Courage is Victoria Dixon’s first novel and not yet published. It is a fantasy based on events that occurred in 220 A.D. China.



This is something Glen produced years ago for a short story I set in my alternative version of China. The short story is called “Promises,” and is not yet published.Image of chinese woman followed by a guei.


For a few months, Glen and I traded off a one-hour exercise every week. One week, I’d write a story in one hour and he’d illustrate it the following week. The next time, he’d create an illustration, and I’d write a story to suit it. The following are examples of what he can accomplish in one hour.




























Diane Rogers’ books

I’ve sampled a few D.L. Rogers’ covers done by Glen Dixon. For more books, please visit her Amazon page here.



























While all other historical covers have used historical images, Glen used models for “Echoes in the Dark.” His cousin is the female protagonist shown here and our brother-in-law is among the living. Victoria Dixon stood in as the dead friend reaching out from the wall. A friend of ours, (Thanks, Bee!) took 138 photos of the Vietnam Memorial so Glen could choose one.