Glen Dixon

Glen Dixon is a graduate of William Jewell College with a Bachelors in Biology and just three credit hours short of a Bachelors in Art. Glen’s main artistic format is Computer Graphics. He has won multiple awards in Kansas City-based art shows and has four published book covers to his credit now for Diane Rogers and several unpublished pieces for me:

Art For Victoria Dixon

Mourn Their Courage is Victoria Dixon’s first novel and not yet published. It is a fantasy based on events that occurred in 220 A.D. China.


These pieces are something Glen produced years ago for a short story I set in my alternative version of China. The short story is called “Promises,” and is not yet published.







Diane Rogers’ books

The Dance of Ghosts, a spiritual dance of the Lacota Sioux in the late 1800’s became their hope – and their demise. Their ancestors were to rise from the dead, reclaim their lands and restore it to its natural state, as it was before the intrusion of the white men. But what acually happened was far from what Wovoka, their Messiah, preached. “Ghost Dancers” follows Lt. George Hawkins from the Battle of the Little Bighorn to the newly established Indian reservations to the massacre at Wounded Knee, a massacre precipitated by the Ghost Dance. Follow George on General George Crooks “Horsemeat March”. Live through George the deaths of Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, helpless to stop either. Love a woman more suitable to the 1990s than the 1890s. And watch helpless again as 300 men, women, and children are slaughtered on a frozen December morning by the U.S. Cavalry. Here is a story of one mans determination to make a difference.

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