Incoming! Writers of the Future Vol. 38

I had the privilege of proofreading this work of art before it came out, so I’ve read the book. I’m still getting a copy. It’s THAT GOOD. There are stories in here I will read and reread and always marvel at how the author did it. (And try to learn how to duplicate their feat.) I’ve read these anthologies for years and this is one of my favorites.

Going to this link will get you a copy autographed during the week of the event. (Autographed copies are only available while supplies last!) This volume has the last short story published by Dave Farland before his untimely passing. The cover illustrates that tale.

It occurs to me that some people still associate this anthology with scientology. The two are SEPARATE. If you’re concerned about supporting a cult, you’re not. You’re supporting the literature and illustration of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror (although I don’t think there’s any horror in this issue). You’re supporting art.

What world doesn’t need more art?


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