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A new market/method of publication has come to town, but I’m honestly not sure I like it. It has too much room for misuse, but let’s see what you think:

PUBSLUSH is an entirely new kind of full service, social non profit publisher: readers decide what books get published, and for every book sold, a book is donated to a child in need.
The process is simple:

Writers submit the best 10 pages and a summary of their manuscript.
Users read, share, and support (a.k.a. pre-order) their favorite submissions. They’re only charged if a book is selected for publication.
Once a book reaches 2,000 supporters, we publish it (ensuring only the best books get published). PUBSLUSH provides all the services and support of a legacy publisher.
For every book sold, a book will be donated to a child in need.

Sounds like a good deal and it is. Kinda. A child in need receives a book. A struggling author is published. What can go wrong? Well, once upon a time my husband’s cover art for my book was in a competition. Don’t get me wrong, Dear Hubby is an AWESOME graphics artist and has done many Indie book covers as well as independent illustrations by now and I do think he deserved to place in this competition. But should I have asked friends and family to go vote? I’m not sure. I did NOT ask them to vote for Mourn Their Courage’s cover, but I’m sure many people did without checking out the other incredible covers. A fact that has haunted me. You see, that sort of competition ends up being one of how many friends and family do the individual competitors have. The DH won, but I’ve always been haunted by the question of, “Did he win fairly?” There was some stiff competition and it was a landslide vote. Not what we were expecting. So yes, I have problems with this sort of thing.

What do you think? If you do use Pubslush, how will you ask folks to vote?




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7 Responses to “New Market”

  1. DWei says:

    Ask my followers to vote for me. It's not that hard.

    And I won't feel bad for doing it. I went through the extra effort of getting people to help me. It's not like I paid them off or forced them, they did it freely.

  2. Victoria Dixon says:

    Good point, DWei. I just want folks to actually look at the other options and vote on merit, ya know? Maybe I'm over thinking this. ;D

  3. Donna Hole says:

    I'd post it on my blog, and ask everyone I know to vote.

    I don't consider it "competition" with other authors. Either they like my stuff or not. I know I like several authors, and there is no competition, just good books.

    And I think your cover is beautiful; and I do remember you posting it here some time ago.


  4. Margo Berendsen says:

    So when a book reaches 2000 supporters, they each get a copy of the book and it costs them what, $10 or $12 or is it more?) and then 2000 kids get a free book?

    Hmmmmnnn. That really is something to think about. I see your point, but it is actually appealing to me. Don't think I'd do it myself, but I'd support friends who asked me to vote & buy (if it was a strong first 10 pages)

  5. Victoria Dixon says:

    Okay, so I'm officially over thinking this. LOL Thanks everyone!

  6. Misha Gericke says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Even if I only announce a vote on my blog and make a point of not asking for votes, it almost feels as if the commenters will go vote out of obligation.

    Which is annoying, because I like the feeling that I won because I was good. Not because I'm nice to everyone and they feel they should support me. On the other hand, it's a great feeling to know that the people behind you are in fact there for you.

  7. Victoria Dixon says:

    Exactly! Thanks, Misha. 😀

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