Queen Breaks Into Song!

Another one bites the dust!

Jenny Rappaport passed, but said the plot looks strong. I’m still holding out to see what Jill Grinberg has to say. She was my initial choice of agent and I still think she’s a good fit. I’m not likely to hear from her for at least two weeks. I think I’ll turn blue by then if I don’t breathe, so I’m singing.

Another one down, and another one down! Another bites the dust…

Empress Overboard!

Yup, I went query-happy yesterday. A little too happy. I found an entry I’d made into a Miss Snark competition last October when Michelle Brower judged. She said she was interested, but wanted corrections made before reviewing the material. Since I’ve since made dramatic corrections, I decided to submit a query email to her last night. Alas! I had made an error in my excel spreadsheet on agents and targeting my submissions. Her data got mixed with the Lyons’ agency and I misunderstood. I thought she must work for Jonathan Lyons. Sigh. So sometime within the next two weeks, he will conclude that I’m a dork or worse, careless. Double Sigh. I don’t know how likely of a shot I had with him, but it’s probably nil, now. But I submitted to a few more agents yesterday, including Michelle and Jonathan. I may hear from Jenny Rappaport this week, as well. I honestly expect her to pass as she says on her site that she is not interested in literary material. I may be a fantacist, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be literary!

Pity Party Cancelled

I’m too busy to attend.

I’ve prepared two submissions for mailing today: Jill Grinberg and Sandra Dijkstra. We’ll see.

In moving news, it looks like we’ll stay in Kansas City. THANK GOD! We may not even see much of a change in wages/debt/house payments. I’m so grateful. God is good.

When Perfect Agents Aren’t

Sigh. It turns out Russell Galen is uninterested in my setting. Query letter was fine. I can’t really fault him. I dislike anything set in the Americas for the most part. But CRAP. Otherwise, he was the perfect agent for me. We both seem to like strong religious and/or political elements to our fantasy, and emotionally engrossing, character-driven plots. There were very few books he’d listed on his site that I didn’t find fascinating. Where else am I going to find an agent that mimics what I like to read? (Why am I so picky?) I’ve got a few more queries out and a few more possibilities lined up. Then I’m going to have to look into English agents and possibly Chinese. Chinese-speaking agents may not work out as well if I ever return to your typical Euro-centric setting. Sigh. *Sassafrassafrickinfrackin…*

Sleep Is Overrated

Between the Wiggle’s “Crocodile Hunter” song and the VeggieTales’ theme song and the Zombie-centered dreams last night, I may have got three hours of sleep. I’m ok….