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In Conclusion: More Information

Welcome to the conclusion of Under Heaven Week. Tomorrow, I’ll announce who receives a free copy of Under Heaven, but for now I thought I’d leave you with some additional links and information.

In case I didn’t ask all the questions you thought I might, “Whatever” and Penguin books printed different essays detailing Under Heaven’s creation.

I considered asking Mr. Kay about his book tour schedule, but decided against the question because I could look up the information myself. For a book tour schedule, please check this link. You can also use the site to request a tour visit from Mr. Kay.

There are numerous links to check out on Mr. Kay’s website including the Forum and the News page. There’s also a page detailing his readings and screenings.

If, like me, you collect signed books by your favorite authors, try this site, which I discovered while reading Mr. Kay’s Forum Page: Under Heaven Journal.