Branding Tips

Sites You’ve Got to Check Out

I just found this site about Antiques and their uses. Before you think, “Bah humbug, I hate antiques and what do they have to do with writing, anyway?” Remember, you may want to write something within an historical context someday. One of the fascinating articles they’ve got up discusses how folks used to cook with quicklime (cooking without a fire) before Chef Boyardee made self-heating cans.

This is an interesting contest with Sarah LaPolla of Curtis Brown. I fear the chance to enter has now closed (I’m not sure on that, so don’t quote me) but it’s still a learning opportunity.

For authors of color, this might be lucrative. Check out publisher Lee and Low’s New Voice Award contest.

And last but not least, many thanks to Fiction Groupie for the link to Jenn Stark’s article on branding tips and trends. Check it out and have a great weekend!