Chen Da

Book Review: Wandering Warrior by Chen Da (Da Chen in the West)

Wandering Warrior

Luka has five moles on each of his feet and this marks him as the “Holy Boy.” The future Emperor of China, he will be the man who will bring together the native Chinese and the hated Mongol invader. All Luka wants is enough food in his belly and the loyal fellowship of the brothers, Mahong and Mihong and his father-figure, Atami. But they are all captured and divided from Luka. He must escape his imprisonment and find a way to destroy the Mongol leader, Ghengi before he murders Atami. “Wandering Warrior” is as much a coming of age novel as action, adventure, or fantasy. There are elements of Chinese mythos woven throughout, which is fun. However, the author employed anachronistic language which jarred me at times. That said, I doubt a teenage boy will notice or care and that’s who the intended audience is. Despite the occasional “okay,” or maybe because of the Wuxia-style of comradery and attention to detail, I found this YA book hard to put down.

I give it 4 Pandas out of 5.