Crossed Genres magazine

Links to publishing and more

I wanted to put up the following links in case anyone’s interested:

Crossed Genres is now accepting short story submissions for material set in Asia. I’ve put the link in their name. You have until March 31st, so it’s crunch time.

Later addition to the post: The link to Women of History leads to a vivid description of Asobi women in Japan and what they did or might be paid to do. It’s short, but fascinating and who knows where ideas come from? Sorry I didn’t explain the link more!

This article discussses The Man Asian Literary Prize and how it’s no longer for unpublished authors. The prize used to be awarded to an unpublished citizen of an Asian country, but apparently the “unpublished” part is no longer true. The author of the article is optimistic about the change, but he was also a winner of the prize. From the viewpoint of someone still trying to break out, (but not living in Asia and therefore uneligible) the change saddens me. I hope someone else steps up to help those authors who looked at the Man Asian prize with longing before 2010.

New Market

Thanks to reader ClothDragon for this tip: The magazine has announced an upcoming issue around Science Fiction/Fantasy and Eastern settings. If you’re interested, submit after March 2010. Publication is in May 2010. Their submission rules clearly ask writers and illustrators not to submit before March.