Rules of Book Reviewdom

I’ve read several articles on blog book reviewing and opinions vary. A lot of folks notice how blogs usually rave about books, so honesty becomes suspect. Yesterday I read an article on blog ethics and that reminded me, I’ve never stated my Book Review Policy, so I thought I’d lay out Vic’s Rules of Book Reviewdom:

1. Never be snarky. I know there are reviewers who do this, but I’m not one of them. I know how much insensitive comments hurt and I try not to make them – at least not in print!

2. Always be honest. If there is an aspect of the book I believe could have been stronger, I will say so. See rule #1 on how I do that.

3. If I did not enjoy the book, I will not review it on this blog. Life is short. I have been asked to do reviews of self-published books and many times, they’re works that weren’t ready for print. Since I have (thus far) been asked to do them through a different blog that I do not run, I work within all of my rules but this one. I write the best review I can and try to dwell on the positives more than on the negatives. But on this blog, you’re only going to see reviews of books I enjoyed. The level of my enjoyment can fluctuate, of course. LOL

4. If I personally know the author or (the Lord could be so kind) am paid by the author for the review, I will let you know. Ethically, I think that’s fair. Again, see rules #2 and #3 to know how I review books. You don’t get a free ride just because you paid me gazillions (of pennies) or because you know me.

Have I left out anything? Any questions? Buehller?