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Check out some of the contest postings! Congratulations to SarahJayne Smith. She is celebrating 150 followers with a contest. Please mention my blog when you get there, as it will enter my name, too. ;D Thanks!

Stina and Steena at are having a happy following contest. Check out the chocolate and other great prizes.

Contests and Stuff

Okay, I know I JUST changed my look, but then blogger updated itself. What do you think? Did I keep “striking” and “dramatic” as well as “readable” this time?

It happened this morning in part because blogger Christina Farley was kind enough to comment on my article yesterday, so I thought I’d pay her a long overdue visit. What should I find when I arrive, but a wonderful little shopping spree give away. Select the link on her name or in the title and see what neat things she’s bought for her readers from the market in Insadong.

What does that have to do with a giant Budhha on my page? Christina has just updated her site, reminding me of how many times I wished blogger gave you greater flexibility – before they gave us greater flexibility. LOL

Be careful of what you wish for?

Contest at Market My Words

For all of you who don’t frequent Shelli Johannes’ site (and why don’t you?), check it out this week. She’s got two different contests running, but both involve give aways and agent critiques. A word for the wise, though. Make sure you visit on Monday and return every day this week as it will increase your chances of winning. 🙂 Good luck to all of us!