Kristin Nelson

What a Privilege to Work With This Agent

I just wish she’d said “Yes!” I received a form letter rejection from Kristin Nelson last month and it really made me happy.

No, I’m not a lover of pain (I used the wrong word before! Oops!). I’m a writer who is AMAZED and grateful when I receive a rejection letter. Usually I receive silence. I just got an automated email from Kristin’s blog (sign up for it as it’s worth the read) in which she apologized for not getting her newsletter out last month. You see, her father passed away.

I can’t tell you how much I admire her fortitude, her work ethic and (for purely personal reasons) her speed. She responded to me within a month despite the fact that she wasn’t at her desk and her father was dying, folks.

That’s class. That’s someone I respect and wish the very best.