Haikus Wanted

For all you who write Haiku:

Randy & Shirley Brooks started editing Mayfly in 1986 as a new approach to publishing haiku. We announced that we would publish an issue after we had acquired the quality haiku needed. All submissions are judged competition style, together before each issue. We are now biannual, publishing an issue every summer and winter.

We feel it is the duty of the editors and writers to make careful selection and proper presentation of only the very best, the most evocative, the truly effective haiku. We publish only 14 or 15 haiku per issue, but each haiku is printed on its own page. The writer is paid $10.00 per haiku.

The Intimidation Factor

I just read Janet Reid’s statistics from the summer of 2009. See for yourself: I have to admit, I’m a wee bit overwhelmed by her numbers. I have to remember, finish editing, submit and write the next one.