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I’ve struggled with this query letter more than I can say. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?

Liu Jie fears losing family members more than anything, so he raises an army when his nephew, the Ron Emperor, requires protection from Yellow Turban rebels. With the help of Aiyu, an orphaned boy Jie saves, the rebels are destroyed. However, Jie does not believe they were the Emperor’s true threat. He suspects the Imperial Chancellor intends to usurp the throne.

Rather than waging war and risking the lives of thousands, Jie attacks the Chancellor during a chance meeting. The attack fails and Jie, his family and Aiyu flee, continuing their struggle to survive amidst drought and warfare.

During battle, Jie’s wife sacrifices herself to save her son and Aiyu, whose secrets cost her life. Aiyu confesses his mistakes and rather than lose yet another loved one, Jie adopts Aiyu, fulfilling their mutual desire for family. However, bitter loss continues to overshadow Jie until he must choose between the safety of his family or his Empire’s survival.

MOURN THEIR COURAGE is a 95,000-word fantasy based on Chinese folktales collectively called “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” Though adapted for film, comics and video game serialization, there are no modern English novelizations of this treasure. MOURN THEIR COURAGE may interest fans of Eric Flint, Cindy Pon and Guy Gavriel Kay and is similar in setting to Kay’s “Under Heaven,” due April 27th.
I have published fiction in several online publications and am a member of the Wuxia Society and The China History Forum Online, where I contribute book reviews. I am also an active book reviewer on two blogs.

Saving an orphan launches Jie on an epic journey where ghosts are guides and heroes are traitors. I invite you to experience MOURN THEIR COURAGE. Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.