Writers Block

I Have a Confession

Lord, forgive me for writer’s block. Or whatever you want to call it.

Have you ever been at a place where you have loads of ideas and no interest in doing any of them? I’ve been there since I came back from Crested Butte last year. I just keep rewriting, editing previous works. Submitting them. And not moving forward.
I’m not sure if I need new stimulation. I cleaned all day yesterday, which hardly made a dent in the house, to be honest, but cleaning has helped in the past. At least I have my workstation for the first time in a year. If I’d gone for a walk this morning, maybe with a notebook, that might have helped, but I’m still in my housecoat and the kidlit will be up any minute wanting breakfast. Can you tell I’m just spinning my wheels? My hubby complained over the weekend that I spend too much time at the computer and he’s right. But what have I accomplished? I think perhaps that’s what has me paralyzed. The question of whether or not what you’re doing has any importance, value, or relevancy is agonizing.
Maybe I’ll wade through some more of my mountain of email. Enter a contest. Maybe I’ll make cookies. Or weave a basket underwater while listening to Beethoven and thinking of other useless activities. Do you ever get to this place? What do you do?

What Do You Do When You Hit An Impasse?

I’ve just got word from someone I think probably has several good points in her review of my first 50 pages. Alas, one of her comments touches on both how my original source material occured, but also how people historically acted in the culture I’ve chosen. While I certainly hope to have a following in China, I must also write for Western readers who may or may not understand why I’ve done these things. I’m stuck. I can’t go forward without slamming into reverse.

What do you do in these situations?