To Ride The God’s Own Stallion

Ride the Gods Own Stallion, ToDiane Lee Wilson’s “To Ride The God’s Own Stallion” is the story of two boys, a horse and the destiny the three weave together within the Assyrian Empire.
Soulai is a poor boy sold into slavery to Prince Habasle, a palace brat who fights to prove himself to his father and people. Both boys are drawn to the “parti-colored” stallion whose falcon-shaped birth mark displays his connection to the god, Ninurta.
The horse’s destiny leads to war and Habasle is eager to ride him into battle, but he must do so with Soulai trying to protect the horse and the King’s mad physician trying to sacrifice the animal.
Wilson has done a fine job of sketching the historical texture of the period while keeping the novel’s place moving. The characters developed in a believable and enjoyable fashion. It was especially nice that I never felt like they were boys written by a woman writing how she thought boys should behave. I will say, there were no surprises.
I did read a few oddities I had to gloss over to continue reading. There are three sections to the book and each section is begun in the perspective of an animal. This confused me and I did not believe them necessary to understand or believe the story’s events, so I’m surprised the author used the technique.
However, once past those passages, the novel has a smooth read broken only by my occasional recognition that there are three main characters. You care for each of them and they each have identical, linked growth patterns and carry equal weight, though not perspective.
I still wonder if that wide-spread equality is why I never felt as drawn to any of the main characters as much as I did when reading Wilson’s “I Rode A Horse of Milk White Jade.” Nonetheless, there were times it was difficult to put down  “To Ride God’s Own Stallion.” It is an enjoyable read, especially for boys or those who love a great horse story in an unusual setting.

I know, I said I’d post reviews on Wednesday, but I’m still struggling to keep things going this month and Wednesday sped by way too fast this week.  I wanted to remind folks that my One Hundred Followers Giveaway will wrap up on February 13th, so be sure to comment and comment often. I’m also going to throw in a few extra giveaway goodies, so stay tuned, true believers. 😀




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5 Responses to “To Ride The God’s Own Stallion”

  1. Jemi Fraser says:

    I'm with you on days speeding past!

    Sounds like an intriguing book – thanks for the review!

  2. Victoria Dixon says:

    Yup! Here it is Monday again. I've known for the past week what I wanted to post today, but have I prepared for it? Nope. Sigh. Later today. Thanks for dropping in!

  3. Rachna Chhabria says:

    Hi Victoria…once again this is a great review. Sounds like boys will love this book; has all the ingredients to capture their attention.

  4. Victoria Dixon says:

    Yes, I think so, Rachhna. Maybe that's why I connected more with A horse of Milk White Jade – it's got a female protagonist and is clearly written with a young girl in mind. Boys would definitely enjoy this book.

  5. Christina Farley says:

    I always love reading mythology books.

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