This blog is intended to help all writers, but most specifically those of us interested in writing in Asian settings.

I enjoy writing fantasy, especially historical fantasy and I burned out years ago on the typical western setting. Since I’d read almost nothing set in Asia (Pearl S. Buck being the exception) before or during college, I picked up Mahatma Ghandi’s biography and read. Fascinated, (and moved to plot a Deep Space Nine episode that never had time to go anywhere before the show’s cancellation), I moved onto Romance of the Three Kingdoms. That’s where I got the idea for my last novel, Mourn Their Courage.

While I shop it out, I’m researching China’s most villafied reformer/Emperor/Usurper known as Wang Mang. Who knows where that will take me? Since I’m curled up with a research book right now, take a look around the blog and enjoy the view!

I’ll be in on Mondays and for the occasional Wednesday book review.