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My apologies for breaking my schedule this week. Sick husbands, broken furnaces and needy cars still plague the Dixon household.

I needed a good laugh this week and this provided it. If you’re sick of hearing about the electronic future of publishing, check out this video. It’s hysterical.


These links and many others were found at Hope Clark’s Fundsforwriters.
The Fund, brought to you in collaboration with ChiZine Publications, 
offers two awards per year of $500 CDN each, one for fiction, 
one for poetry, granted to two writers of speculative literature 
(i.e., science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, surrealism, 
etc.), of any nationality/place of residence, at any stage of their 
career. The next round of submissions for this award will be 
accepted between November 15, 2010 and January 15, 2011. The 
winners will be announced May 15, 2011. Submit up to 5 poems 
(unpublished work), not to exceed 10 pages -single-spaced. 
Submit one short story or a novel excerpt (unpublished work) 
of no more than 7,000 words-double-spaced. If submitting a 
novel excerpt, include a brief synopsis. All entries in both 
fiction and poetry MUST be “speculative literature” in content; 
in other words: science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, 
alternate history, steampunk, etc. Two Honourable Mentions in 
each category will win $50.
This is an organization whose goal is to encourage students’ 
creativity as well as their participation in the creative arts.  
This year among our other outreaches we will be funding seven 
separate scholarships for college-bound high school seniors.
As part of our annual fund drive, we are having a book fair 
from Dec. 2 through Dec. 5. IF you were going Christmas shopping 
during those dates anyway, and IF you were planning on buying
some books as gifts, and IF you were going to make those 
purchases at any Barnes and Noble Bookstore or online at, 
THEN please consider using one of our coupons when you make your 
The National Creative Society will receive a donation from 
Barnes and Noble equal to 10% of your purchase. You will 
receive a warm feeling deep down inside because you did the 
right thing, and it won’t cost you a penny more than you were 
going to spend, anyway. It’s a win-win situation, and you 
don’t even have to print out the coupons in color. 
Click on “2010 Barnes and Noble Book Fair”
PS: If you get to the store and have forgotten your coupon, 
just mention the National Creative Society book fair and 
the salesperson can take it from there.

Children’s Literature Links and Reviews

I’ve done some surfing recently and found several links that might be of use to those of you who write or are interested in reading juvenile works with Asian and/or multi-cultural leanings.

Stacy Whitman has an incredible list of multi-cultural reads (mostly juvenile literature, although not entirely) and I’m going to have to read a whole lot more just to play catch up! Check it out.

Tu Publishing is pleased to announce that we will be officially open for submissions from writers on Jan. 1, 2010. We are a small press focusing on multicultural fantasy and science fiction for children and young adults. We are specifically looking for novels for readers ages 8 to 18. (Though we intend to expand to chapter books in the future, we are not looking for them at this time.) We are a royalty-paying (on retail) publishing company.

Chasing Ray seems to be a site dedicated to reviews of children’s literature and the above link page is all about books with Asian settings. He’s also done a review of “Shine, Coconut Moon.”

Cynthiea Leitich’s site brims with links to children’s resources both educational and fictional. It’s an amazing site if you’re a writer/reader of juvenile material with Asian leanings.

I plan on posting all of these links on my sidebar for future readers, but they’re so good I also wanted to draw attention to them. Enjoy!