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Yup, Nathan Bransford’s done it again. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you obviously haven’t read his site today. There’s a new contest up and you have until tomorrow afternoon at four to enter.

Sigh. It’s allergy season. Medicine has failed. Again. I want to go poke holes in my head and not think about this right now. LOL

Addendum: I’m so sorry! The deadline is THURSDAY June 3rd.

Get Thee to Nathan Bransford’s Site NOW

He’s hosting another query contest. What are you waiting for?

Tips on Book Trailers

Well, if anyone wanted a plethora of links and suggestions on how to make a book trailer, head over to Yesterday’s guest blogger did a fabulous job of giving all sorts of information. I’ve got images now for my computer graphics genius of a husband to base images of my hero on. I need more, but that’s ok. If anyone knows of a website featuring kick butt martial artists in traditional Chinese garb, that would be a bonus. LOL

In more personal data, I do apologize for being out of the internet picture recently. I’m trying to prepare my ms for entry into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel competition at the end of this month. I don’t have too many more reader-suggested corrections to wade through, but I’m also reading the whole thing aloud and that takes time….

New Contest at Nathan Bransford’s site

If you’re not following Nathan Bransford’s site (why on earth NOT?), check it out now. He just put up a new contest.

Natalie Whipple on Beating Revision Fatigue

I just found an awesome post on how one author staves off exhaustion and creates at the same time. Check it out. I put the link in the title and I’ve added her to my blog roll, too. And SQUEE! She’s got a book that sounds like it’s set in Japan. 🙂