Book Trailer

Tips on Book Trailers

Well, if anyone wanted a plethora of links and suggestions on how to make a book trailer, head over to Yesterday’s guest blogger did a fabulous job of giving all sorts of information. I’ve got images now for my computer graphics genius of a husband to base images of my hero on. I need more, but that’s ok. If anyone knows of a website featuring kick butt martial artists in traditional Chinese garb, that would be a bonus. LOL

In more personal data, I do apologize for being out of the internet picture recently. I’m trying to prepare my ms for entry into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel competition at the end of this month. I don’t have too many more reader-suggested corrections to wade through, but I’m also reading the whole thing aloud and that takes time….

Making a Book Trailer

And since I NEED something else to do (snorts), I will now make a book trailer. Anyone have LOTS of images of Chinese warriors kick-***ing each other? LOL

I do have a genius of a husband willing to help, but this may strain our marriage. ;D