Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove

New Markets

I’ve received news of three different markets for Asia-inspired literature. Yeah!

A Fine Tea Competition articles may be on any poems, stories or artwork/photography featured in the history of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. To see the kind of analyses we have published, please visit However, you do not need to conform to the existing styles. Surprise us. The competition does have a pay scale. It is important to note, they do not pay for articles, fiction or poetry published in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal.

The Quarterly Literary Review [of] Singapore accepts work now, and requests pieces relevant to Singapore. They are not a paying market.

In a previous post I mentioned a new (paying) anthology for Wuxia fiction. Well, that anthology (yet to be named) is now open to submissions. If you’re interested in finding out more about what Wuxia is (and I recommend you do, as John will not accept any Asia-themed story) please read his definition before submitting. He would like art as well as literature, so artists, be sure to check it out.

I’m looking forward to the Wuxia anthology myself and hope to submit, but the short I have is not suitable, so I’m going to have to write something new. That should be fun. What about you? Have you ever written something to fit a specific market?

New Anthology and Society Opening

I’ve received word that the Community site for the “Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove” is up and running. For those of you who love Asian Literature, get over there and sign up. It’s a community where the general public can login to discuss all sorts of things regarding Asian lit, though I think the specific focus will be Wuxia.

Which leads to the other exciting news: John, the author of the Seven Sages, is also interested in printing a Wuxia anthology. How cool is that? And to make it even better, it will be a paying anthology. More on that after he opens to submissions. For now, make sure you login to join the Sages.

Do you have anything you plan on submitting?