Asian Arts Festival

Pictures From the Event

The cultural festival at the library was so much fun, I wanted to share pictures. Enjoy!

First, we went to find my friend. She took pity on this little eating machine and fed her sticky rice. THAT bought Laura a friend for life.

Then we walked around and checked out the sights. Would you believe this Chinese Dragon is made of balloons and stretches most of the length of the library? He’s still there, so if you get a chance, check him out at the Blue Valley Library before he blows away. ;D

There were tons of pictures and porcelain art work, but I loved the whimsy of this teapot. Check out the doll. I think they’re Katakana, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Then it was time to leave and I was BUMMED. (We missed the calligraphy and water color classes, the dancers and *sob* the martial artists.) But we DID manage to stay long enough to see a great drum team practice. It was a wonderful morning.

A Day Off – Kinda

Tomorrow is garage sale day at my sister’s, but first, my daughter and I will head out to a local library celebrating Asian Culture. Use that link to go to the library branch for event details, or you can check out this article covering the festival.

Next week, I hope to see a friend of mine, Christine Taylor Butler, at a “Meet The Author” event. Christine is the author of many children’s books, but most recently, “Sacred Mountain: Everest.”

Upcoming Local Event

This may interest you if you’re in the Kansas City area, at least:

On May 1st, join us at the Blue Valley Library for our fifth annual fun-filled event for the entire family as we celebrate and learn more about Asian culture with music, dance, crafts, art, and food.

There will be events in celebration of the Asian culture in the morning featuring classes from the Kansas City Kendo Club, a presentation on Asian Textiles, a performance by the Nathan Indian Dance Group.

The afternoon sessions will include a class on Stories from Asia, a meeting from the Taiwanese Association of Greater Kansas City, and author Laura Manivong.

If you plan on attending, let me know! I’d love to meet you there. 🙂