Great List of What Not To Write

Check out this site for a great list of problems to avoid. It’s bound to make you think, even if you’re not obviously in violation of the rules.

Excellent Article on Pitching

Check out this article on how to pitch. For that matter, check out http://shywriters.blogspot.com./What a great idea for those pale, furtive creatures who never see the light of day, let alone other people. You know the ones, they’re called “writers.”

The Proper Use of a Thesaurus

This is hysterical. A friend sent it to me (Thanks, Mary!) and I had to share.

I have a very enthusiastic Thesaurus user in my 10 yo dd! I don’t wantto discourage her from using new words, but sometimes the usage is questionable. Here is an example from the first lesson of All Things Fun and Fascinating:Effelgent, Brobdingnagian Monoliths Rocks levitate in the solar system. Actually, some get hauled to the earth. Tumbling through space, they look like smoldering stars while hurdling through the air! On Earth, they look like descending stars. Although most of them are bantamer than a grain of sand, few voluminousones hit earth. One bopped a sustenance brute. It pummeled a dog in Egypt, in 1911. We should be frantically rapturous, that our firmament fortifies us.