Book Review of Girl From the Well

You’re (possibly) thinking, “OMG! She’s not dead!” No, I”m not but the past two years have made me feel that way. Frequently. That said, it’s not what I wanted to tell you today. No, I wanted to tell you about a character who is dead.

I was privileged to  read devour Rin Chupeco’s “The Girl From the Well” this week. This book enthralled me. Could. Not. Put. Down. It’s both terrifying and moving and the end – just wow. The hook tells you a lot:

I am where dead children go.

Nice. I refuse to give away anything, so I’ll tell you no more than the jacket does. This is an urban fantasy, mostly set in Japan (and you KNOW how much I loved that) and is based around a character from Japanese folklore and history: Okiku, the ghost from Himeji Castle’s Okiku’s Well.

If you’ve seen a movie with a wet dead girl, that story owes its creepiness to Okiku and this story does her so much justice, beauty and honor. Go out and read it.

Review by Victoria Dixon. No arcs were sent for the review of this novel.


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  1. mkromd says:

    Hi there – I stumbled here from Nathan Bransford’s blog and lingered. I’m so excited. You’ve definitely made me want to get this book. Have a lovely holiday – mkromd

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