Conference Updates, Etc.

Many of you might remember that I attended the Crested Butte Writers’ Conference last year – I shared my notes for over a week I think. LOL The picture to the left does not show the beauty of Crested Butte, but me in the inside of the conference hotel, so you’re missing out. Go look up Crested Butte online to see what I’m talking about. Anway, 

I can’t express how much I wish I could go, but we’re glued to Kansas City through the rest of this year. Still, I hope some of you can make it. It was the best conference I’ve ever attended. Here’s the note I received from Theresa Rizzo, the conference’s super-nice administrator:

Calling ALL fiction writers–Don’t miss out on The Crested Butte Writers Conference—June 17-19, 2011!

A small Colorado conference with a BIG bang!  We’re intimate, interactive and inspiring, delivering an experience like no other!
Featuring:  Agents: Stephen Barr –Writers House, Helen Breitwieser –Cornerstone Literary, and Marissa Corvisiero of L. Perkins Agency as well as Assistant Editor, Holly Blanck—St Martin’s Press and Michael Braff at Del Rey Spectra. 
Check out the website for agent & Editor interviews to see what talent they’re currently hoping to discover.
Award-winning Authors: Robin D Owens, Kaki Warner, Sophie Littlefield and Juliet Blackwell
Don’t miss out on our Special Early Bird Rate as well as our Discounted Group Rate!

Still another Colorado conference (one I’ve never attended, incidentally) was sent to me by Marne Kirstatter:

Join us at a workshop in beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado.

Charlotte Cook, MFA, is the former president and acquisition editor of
KOMENAR Publishing. Now a full-time story editor and consultant on all
matters regarding pre-agenting, Charlotte is a popular presenter at 
writers conferences and events (Willamette, Rocky Mountain Writers, California
Central Coast, San Francisco Writers Conferences, South Carolina Writers
Workshop, California Writers Club, among others), and a successful teacher
and workshop facilitator. She has brought to publication far more books,
articles and stories than the six award-winning novels she published for
KOMENAR. As a result, Writers Digest Magazine interviewed Charlotte about
her career and publishing company in February 2008. 

Charlotte judged four fiction categories for the 2010 Next Generation Indie
Book Awards and will be the head judge of two fiction categories for the
2011 competition and awards. 

In the workshop, we will delve into the real differences between developing
a manuscript to completion and polishing the manuscript for an audience of
agents and publishers. This practical, interactive and entertaining 
workshop covers drafts, editors and the best advice from the right people at the
right time. Topics include: 

o What you need to know about your manuscript to bring it to market 

o Are you consistent in your choices of Point of View and Point of 

o What about Back Story, Chronology and Dialogue 

o How do you determine the premise of your book for agents and editors 

Charlotte requests that all attendees bring pages from their manuscripts to
work on in class. She will use some of them as examples, meaning those
volunteers who are chosen will get specific feedback on their work. 

In addition to the workshop, three published authors, all long-standing
members of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers will be present. Robin Owens (
_http://www.robindowens.com_ ( ), Mario 
Acevedo ( _ ( )
and Christine Goff ( _ 
( ) will meet with attendees in
scheduled, 10 minute appointments to answer industry related questions or
critique the first two pages of a manuscript. 

The workshop will be held at Two Rivers Plaza, Main Street, Grand Junction,
on June 11, 2011, from 8am-4pm. RMFW will feed participants a continental
breakfast during registration as well as a buffet lunch. 

Also, Grand Valley Book Store, an independent bookseller located on Main
Street in Grand Junction, will be present to sell Charlotte’s, Robin’s,
Mario’s and Christine’s books. 

Cost for the workshop is $70 if paid online or postmarked by May 20th, $85
for registration after May 20th and $95 at the door. The early registration
date has changed in case you’ve seen previous emails. To register by mail,
please send a check with a completed registration form (see attached) to: 

Vicki Law 
PO Box 452 
Montrose, CO 81402 

And last, but not least (you’re probably starting to believe I’m on a mail-list for these things, but I’m really not!) there’s the Ozark Romance Author’s Annual Conference, July 23rd at the Clarion Hotel in Springfield, MO. I went to this in 2009 and was utterly charmed. It’s a small event, but the speakers (Leigh Michaels and Angie Fox) were outstanding.  Oh, and if you don’t write Romance, don’t let that turn you off. Leigh Michaels does a talk on the differences in how men and women think and speak that any writer NEEDS to hear. Leigh will be back this year, and though that might not be her topic, I’m sure she’ll still enlighten everyone tremendously. This conference is close enough, I haven’t given up on attending. We’ll have to wait, see, hope and pray. ;D






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7 Responses to “Conference Updates, Etc.”

  1. Rachna Chhabria says:

    Read your posts last year and enjoyed them. Too bad you cannot attend this year.

  2. Margo Berendsen says:

    So it sounds like you live in Kansas City but like to visit Colorado frequently? I've gone to three different colorado conference now and they've all been AMAZING! Never heard of the Crested Butte one. Maybe next year we could meet there

  3. Medeia Sharif says:

    I haven't heard of this conference, but I'd like to go someday.

  4. Victoria Dixon says:

    I know, I wish I could go! I'd love to try out the Rock Mountain one just to have a new experience, but it's too far away right now. Happily, a friend has agreed to go to Springfield with me. That's just three hours away and we did it together two years ago. It should be fun.

    Margo, if I've got the funds you've got a DEAL! I'd return to Crested Butte this year and every year if I had the money.

    Medeia, CB is so worth your time. Even the online community (just $10 to join, just sayin…) is very supportive and you get nice discounts on the conference/Sandy Writers Competition etc for joining. The Sandy Writer's Competition was such an affirmation trip for me – I wish I could do it all over again. LOL Placing made me finally believe I could get somewhere and entering is dirt cheap in comparison to a lot of contests. Plus if you place, you get judged by an agent or editor!

    Yeah, I'd be delighted to meet there, Margo! 😀

  5. Natalie Aguirre says:

    Sounds like a great conference. Wish I could go but it's too far away.

  6. Victoria Dixon says:

    Yeah, me too for the most part. It does look like I'll get to go to Springfield this year. YEAH! I'll give you all a report on what's said and suggested. Margo, I'm all excited about the idea of meeting at Crested Butte next year. ;D

  7. Rachna Chhabria says:

    Hi Victoria..there is an award for you on my blog.

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