Day 2: Twitter & Social Media Marketing

Before I get started on my next set of notes, I need to know if the new Amazon links have annoyed everyone else or is it just how my system is set up? Right now, everytime I come to my site I have to click on a popup window six times before it will let me do anything. I’ve noticed a drop in comments since I tried using the links and if the links are why there’s a drop, they’re not worth it!

This was a talk given by Janet Lane who is definitely more Twitter-savvy than I. Almost everyone is. LOL. That said, she gave us a two-page HANDOUT of Applications  and ideas for marking Twitter work for you. I haven’t had time to implement any of them, but I will. I promise! Applications she mentioned:

  • Lets you share photos on Twitter.
  • is a realtime application that allows users to monitor information from several social media into one concise view. (Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?)
  • is a social networking tool that alerts you to events like new messages and gives you a live Newsfeed of what your friends are up to.
  • is like the CPA of Twitterworld, where you can glean such stats as the top ten followed Twitter users, who has the most followers, friends and tweets. In every time zone.
  • allows you to feed your blog into Twitter. You provide the URL of a blog’s RSS feed and how often you want to post to Twitter. Twitterfeed does the rest. Halleluiah.
  • will help you find out who the most popular twitter users are.
  • connects Twitter and other social media sites, notifies you of new messages, cross-posts and shortens long URLS.
  • tracks and ranks what URLs people are talking about on Twitter.
  • is a feedback tool that helps you to create and distribute polls on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

That’s part one of my Twitter-repeat performance of Janet’s talk. I’ll do the rest in a few days. Final notes and suggestions include: Save social media networking for your end-of-day activites (assuming you write in the mornings). Fix your wallpaper on Twitter so that it mimics what you’ve got on your blog. You do have a blog, right? Retweet when you have nothing to say. If you don’t, you’re not doing your followers any favors and they can stop following you because you’re such a lump. (Ok, the lump part is what I wrote in my notes, and not what Janet said!) To look up topics within Twitter, do a search for your topic like this: #literary agent.

Anyone else have awesome Twitter suggestions? It might take me awhile to get the hang of Twitter, but I will try. 🙂




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12 Responses to “Day 2: Twitter & Social Media Marketing”

  1. Lydia Kang says:

    This is so helpful, but I'm not a Twitterer yet! When I do, I'll take another look at this. In the meantime, I'm bookmarking it!

  2. Janet Johnson says:

    Lots of great suggestions. Maybe someday I'll get to that. Keeping up with a blog is about all I can do these days.

    Oh, and I don't know what Amazon links you're referring to.

  3. TK Richardson says:

    I'm so glad you posted this! I was at a loss on what all these different sites were, which was best, etc. And lately I am a #twitterfail. I just haven't had the time. And don't get me started on facebook! Ugh. So much to do! But thanks for this info – I needed it. 🙂

  4. Victoria Dixon says:

    Thanks for coming by, Lydia! I'm honestly not much of a Twitterer myself. I understand how it could be useful, but I'm just a lousy user. LOL. I'm hoping once I can get some of these applications up I'll do better because I'll be automated. LOL

  5. Victoria Dixon says:

    Janet, I'm the same way. (See above statement. I'm doing good to GET automated these days. When am I supposed to WRITE?) The Amazon links aren't always apparent but I tried to monetize this site because of all the books I review. I know I've actually sold a few, so I thought monetizing COULD be worth it. So far, the links seems to cause a feedback loop for me and I get the same message six times before it lets me log in or do anything on the site. WAY too irritating. Of course, I haven't taken the time to find out if there's a cure….

  6. Victoria Dixon says:

    Thanks for stopping by, TK! I admit, I'm more active on FB than on Twitter. There's something offensive to my sensibilities about anything called "Twitter." I think I FEEL like a birdbrain when I use it. LOL But it has value. It does. Grits her teeth…. LOL

    On a side note, how are sales on your book?

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  8. Medeia Sharif says:

    My advice is to use hashtags and participate in chats that are followed by them. I notice a spike in followers with this method.

  9. Rahma Krambo says:

    I'm a brand new Twitterer myself. I tried to think how I would use it and decided that it would feature mostly 'chirps' like favorite quotes, and links to interesting articles I find online, specifically about writing and libraries.
    I discovered that folks in the publishing industry are Twitter fanatics!

    You can find me at:

  10. Victoria Dixon says:

    ARGH! I've been blog spammed. Have to find out how to delete those.

    Medeia, thanks for mentioning the hashmarks! I've tried figuring that out, but still feel inept. I may have follow your hashes around and see what you're doing. I'd like to do the #askagent thing, but I'm still closer to @Twitterfailure than anything else.

    Thanks for the twitter address, Rahma. I'll go find you. ;D And yes, I'm astonished how many agents love to Twitter. Blogging seems so much more of a fit, I have trouble getting into Twitter, but I think I'm in the minority!

  11. catwoods says:

    Ugh. I'm such a bad tweeter I don't know why I have an account. I see some pretty busy writers there, but I just don't have the time or energy to pop by more than a few times a month.

    When I'm ready to jump in, I'll stop back here for your notes.

  12. SEO Los Angeles says:

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