Gung Hei Fat Choy!

Happy Spring Festival, all! I had hoped to have a new book review prepared by tomorrow as my New Years gift, but familial health issues have decreased my reading time. That said, have a great holiday, open up those Hong Bao envelopes and toss some lettuce into the next lion’s mouth you see!




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2 Responses to “Gung Hei Fat Choy!”

  1. Janet Johnson says:

    I need to brush up my Chinese. A lot, since it's non-existent. 🙂 Happy New Years!

  2. Victoria Dixon says:

    LOL. I can guarantee you know how to say one word in Chinese. The word "Sure" means the same in both languages and one of these days I will look up the history of the word and see if there's a reason why. It's spelled "Shi" in Pinyin, but pronounced the same way we say it in English with an emphatic tone.

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