Study of Body Language and Its Implications

Okay, I’m going to cheat a little this morning and direct you to a recent study, a book and fellow author’s site: All That You Desire.
The topic of the article is the difference between how Asians and Caucasians read body language and may well force me to change some things in my ms.
The book is on a related topic in that the author is a former FBI agent and an expert on reading body language. He will tell you there are many universal tells of human body language. Apparently there are Cultural differences in how we read and interpret that language, though, some of which Jeannie Lin discusses on her blog. Pretty cool and thanks for the heads up, Jeannie!




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7 Responses to “Study of Body Language and Its Implications”

  1. Mary Hill says:

    Hey! This is one of my most favorite books! Troy has had the pleasure of attending several of his seminars, too. (I'm so jealous!) I've read several books on body language- but this guy is my favorite.

  2. Jeannie Lin says:

    A book on body language would be extremely useful! I'm always running out of ways to show not tell with body language. I mean, how many times can your characters narrow their eyes and clench their jaws before it gets boring? 🙂

  3. Victoria Dixon says:

    Yeah, this guy's amazing. Alas, the book is highly desirable as far as the library is concerned. I could only get it on inter-library loan and you can't recheck those. ARGH!

    BTW, Jeannie, my husband says they can narrow their eyes and clench their jaws LOTS if they're doing the right activity. What that means, I'm not sure…. ;D

  4. Sarah Skilton says:

    This books sounds fascinating. As someone who's done a little bit of traveling in Japan, I'd be interested in knowing how to interpret people's body language, or figure out if I've been sending the wrong signals.

  5. Victoria Dixon says:

    Yeah, Mary, the language he uses is very personable. Sarah, that's exactly the uses he suggests you put it to (sans the bit about Japan although, as I said, some of what he discusses will be pertinent there, too.) It's a fascinating read and I need to re-check it. ;D

  6. Endy says:

    Having had to write out physical interactions in various forms, I cannot express just how much this topic grabbed my attention. I haven't read the book yet – but I intend to now. Thank you for the suggestion!

  7. Victoria Dixon says:

    I'm glad I gave a helpful suggestion. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Endy!

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