Alma Alexander

Asian Themed Books by Caucasian Authors

I thought this might be an interesting question. Does anyone have a list of reading material covering books set in or around Asian culture? Seeing as how I’m not Asian at all, but have an interest, I’m fascinated by those western authors who, like me, chose an Asian setting for their novels.

There are a few I can think of off hand:

  • Alma Alexander – Secrets of Jin-Shei and The Embers of Heaven (“Jin-Shei” is great. I haven’t read “Embers” yet, but I love that title!)
  • Daniel Fox – Dragon in Chains (I haven’t finished reading this, but the beginning is incredible.)
  • Adrienne Kress – Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate (I have to confess, it’s still waiting to be read.)
  • Lian Hearn – Tales of the Otori (I’ve also not yet read these. So much to do, so little time!)

Feel free to list any good Asian-themed books! These just fascinate me because of where the authors have come from.