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Links, Links and MORE Links

Iya. It’s been a week, folks, so this will be short and sweet.

Check out another interview here with author Laura Manivong about her book, “Escaping the Tiger,” which I reviewed earlier this month. There are also great examples on how to use authentic cultural details to define your setting.

For some great news and contests links, take a peak at Julie Dao’s blog.

Addedums: This is a wonderful list of words to search for and remove from your ms where possible. I have a longer list here. Keep in mind, no list is definitive, but they are great tools.

Thanks to Jeannie Lin for this site. Kung Fu action theatre does audio podcasts and readings. I’ve read my book aloud enough times, I know I should never try to do a reading for a crowd. I’ve got a nice voice to listen to, but I DRONE when I read. I don’t sound like that in my head…. Does anyone else have that problem?

Lastly, I swear, I really do plan to get back to a more normal blogging schedule soon. Somehow everything got thrown OFF this month and I’ve just waded through over 200 emails. I’m still backlogged, but things have improved. I even wrote a note for my next book (joyful clapping) and a REAL blog entry. LOL.

More to come soon. 🙂