Jeannie Lin

The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood Blog

Sorry I’ve been absent for awhile! I’ve experienced writer-crisis cum husband-employment-no-cash-crisis this past month and it’s had me down. Still does, but I will try to get off my *** and communicate better anyhow. That said:

The “How I Finaled or How I Found My Voice” blog is excellent, but I recommend a visit to this site in any case, folks. The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood is a group of women who found themselves nominated for awards by the Romance Writers of America awards system. These ladies had so much fun together, they’ve formed this blog. Guest blogger for this article was Jeannie Lin, author of Butterfly Swords and winner of last year’s Rita award. The blog has given me more reading material and much to think about.

New Good News!

My online buddy, Jeannie Lin (see blogroll below) has had an AMAZING week. She just signed a contract with Harlequin for “Butterfly Swords”. “Butterfly” is a romance set in ancient China, so I’m delighted for many reasons. And on top of that, last weekend Jeannie Lin won the Golden Heart Historical Genre contest ( How cool is that? Well done, Jeannie Lin!