Kung Fu Action Theatre

New Wuxia Market!

This notice comes straight from Rob, the owner of Kung Fu Action Theatre:

Who are we? 

Kung Fu Action Theatre is a monthly podcast running since 2006 which has built an audience on telling action-adventure stories. We’ve been focused on Audio Drama (radioplays), but are now looking to showcase short fiction instead. 

What do we want? 

Historical adventure stories set in Asia or with an Asian element. Prose only, no scripts or poetry. 

What will we do with them? 

Read them into a microphone to turn them into audio fiction, and then stick them up in our podcast feed for our audience to enjoy. 

Why should you submit your story to us? 

We have an average of 7000 people downloading our podcast feed each month, do you want 7000 people to hear your story read and presented in a professional manner and showcased? Plus, we only want one-time audio rights (not print), the story is still yours, and you can do whatever you want with it. And on top of that, you get a Creative Commons licensed mp3 of your story you can do anything with except sell for money, like pass to publishers as a piece of promotional material to help get your work published elsewhere. 

What do we get from this? 

We like entertaining people and telling stories. It’s that simple. KFAT is non-profit, contains no advertising, and actually runs at a loss with only donations from listeners to help cover the costs. (Which by the way, they don’t. So feel free to donate!) We also want to promote the Asian adventure genres, because that’s what we love to read! 

More details here.