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New Market with Tu/Lee & Lowe

Tu Books is launching this fall! And we’re still looking for
submissions. (See
http://blog. leeandlow. com/2011/ 03/17/coming- soon-tu-books/ for
a sneak preview of our fall books.)

Call for submissions

TU BOOKS, an imprint of LEE & LOW BOOKS, publishes speculative fiction for
children and young adults featuring diverse characters and settings. Our
focus is on well-told, exciting, adventurous fantasy, science fiction, and
mystery novels featuring people of color set in worlds inspired by
non-Western folklore or culture. We welcome Western settings if the main
character is a person of color.

We are looking specifically for stories for both middle grade (ages 8-12)
and young adult (ages 12-18) readers. (We are not looking for picture books,
chapter books, or short stories. Please do not send submissions in these

For more information on how to submit, please see our submission guidelines
at http://www.leeandlo w.com/p/tu_ submissions. mhtml. We are not accepting
unagented email submissions at this time.

What I’m particularly interested in seeing lately: Asian steampunk, any
African culture, Latino/a stories, First Nations/Native American/Aboriginal
fantasy or science fiction written by tribal members, original
postapocalyptic worlds, historical fantasy or mystery set in a non-Western

Stacy Whitman
Editorial Director
Tu Books

Tu Publishing Changes Hands

A friend and commenter emailed this to me and I wanted to share it, since I've mentioned Tu Publishing before (and how much I wish they took adult titles). 

Lee & Low has a new imprint, Tu Books, now open for unsolicited submissions. They'd like diverse fantasy and science fiction for middle graders and young adults--particularly, SFF that features people of color as main characters, for ages 8-18. If you fit that age range, genre, etc., and your novel is finished (polished and ready for publication) go to their guidelines page for more details on how to submit.

Thanks again, Colleen!