When You Have Nothing To Say

It is better to remain silent, I’m sure. I can’t do that since today would be my second Silent Monday and I don’t want to set a bad precedent.

I really have nothing to say. I’ve participated in NanoWrimo this month in a minimal way in that I’ve written between 150 and 200 words every day. Those of you who have written thousands of words every day, feel free to scoff. I’m dealing with my third or fourth consecutive month of poor health, and I have no more energy for writing than the occasional blog post and 200 daily words will cover.

What about you? If you check in today, please let me know how you’re doing. Not (just) about how your Nano project has gone, or how your agent search is going (though I’m interested). I’m interested in how YOU are.

Plots Within Plots

Yeah, right now all I’ve got is a timeline. It looks like a train wreck in the way plotlines should. That is, this person’s life is destined for serious screw-uppage. The problem is, there are no sidekicks. There are no other characters who go with my mc throughout his life or even parallel him. So now I get to make one up.

I suspect it won’t happen until Nanowrimo. That appears to be one of my best methods for creating believable characters: write them. Sigh. I would have liked a little bit clearer of a plot. Well, I’ve still got a month and a half to go, right?

I’ll break out the Nanowrimo book tonight and keep plugging stuff in as I can. Maybe I’ll find someone.