Outlaws of the Marsh

Miss Snark Competition

Well, I was #15 in this week’s Snark-a-Thon. Not to say I came in 15th. That was my poll position, as it were. The comments gave me some good polish stuff and I’m pumped now. The Secret Agent was hooked, though she also wanted some cuts. Cuts are good. I can do cuts.

I’ve got three Alternative Beginnings to the book, now. I like the one I used in the competition (with the cuts), but I am flexible. We’ll see. I still haven’t heard from Russell Galen or Jill Grinberg and I suspect that’s a good thing. At least now I’m a little more prepared.

I’ve found good reading in Outlaws of the Marsh, but I’ve not yet found a story I’d want to re-make like I did Mourn Their Courage. I’m not that far in yet, though. There’s time.


I received an honorable mention from Jenny Rappaport! I made her suggested changes last night, but I’ll go back through some of it now.