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Contests, Publishing Links and Auctions of Interest

Here’s a site with lots of contests for you romance writers. Just so you know, some of the links are dysfunctional.

The magazines listed at this site are open to submissions from new or experienced fantasy writers, and offer payment for publication.

Here’s an altruistic and unique way to get writing help: bid on a writing mentor in this online auction for diabetes research. Author Brenda Novak has an auction for Diabetes every May. Her son has the disease and as of today, she has raised over $770,000 this year. Make a bid, find a mentor, help save lives.

Here are just some of the auction items:

NYTimes bestselling authors Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love, and Mary Buckham once again offer their Extravaganza for readers and writers alike. From autographed books, to critiques, to packages for writing organizations, these ladies never let us down!

NYTimes bestselling author Susan Mallery offers a double whammy critique (one from her and one from her editor Tara Parsons of HQN) along with a book dedicated to you in 2011!

NYTimes bestselling author Susan Andersen is donating a weekend stay in her wonderful cabin in the Cascade Mountains! What a wonderful romantic or family getaway!

NYTimes bestselling author Allison Brennan is donating some of her late grandmother’s collectible porcelain dolls to the cause! Thank you, Allison!

Bestselling and Award Winning Author Anna DeStefano

One of Anna’s loves is shopping, and finding treasures at great prices—so she can share them with friends. Especially purses.

Okay, I was going to make this a blog award page, too, but that would make the post WAY too long, so I’ll put that off until later this week. Until then, zai jian!