New (and Hopefully Temporary) Blogging Rule

I’ve got to cut back. I’ve already done this to a degree in that I’ve only done one post a week for the past two weeks. That trend will need to continue, since I’m incapable of operating on less than five hours of sleep. Five stretches me to the breaking point, which I’ve already hit several times over the last two years.

So except for those weeks (see Under Heaven week) when I feature an author’s book and an author interview, I will likely only have one blog post up. Of course, if I receive notice of a juicy contest with a deadline, I’ll blog about it. 🙂 Also, this will allow me time to visit other people! What with commenting here, reviewing there and trying to block out my next story, I haven’t been a very good blog buddy and I miss that. Hopefully, this will give me a little more leeway.

Thank you for your understanding!