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Links, Videos & More!

Now for links, videos and more!

Some very cool news for those of us who write historical novels with Asian settings. (I mention the Asian setting because of my blog and personal interests, but that’s not her emphasis. If you write historicals, check this out.) Irene Goodman, agent extraordinaire, is having a pitch fest through the end of June. Make yours count and good luck!

I tried to load this video so it would play here, but it was a no show. Still, I thought you might find this Ted Talk interesting:  It’s all about Understanding the Rise of China.

Check out this walk through of writing on the ipad by Tessa Elwood.  I can dream. 🙂 ipad…. (Envision drool.)

And finally, the most important of these links: Go to Kat Brauer‘s website for the opportunity to save a life. Yup.  Not hyperbole, though I’m prone to that. 🙂 Kat’s running an awesome charity giveaway this month. Donate money to bring clean water to those who don’t have it and she’ll critique 250 words for every $1 you give. In addition, she’s not the only critiquer on the job. Agents and Editors are also pitching in.  If you’re wondering how this could possibly save lives, think about the cholera epidemic in Haiti. The epidemic is caused by contaminated water and Haiti is just one tiny island on our planet.