Writing Contests

Get Thee to Nathan Bransford’s Site NOW

He’s hosting another query contest. What are you waiting for?

Competition at Laurel’s Leaves and Other Links

This is a neat competition. Send Laurel your persuasive scene or story – up to 700 words – and you might win a free critique of up to 15 pages of your ms. The deadline is TODAY, so move fast. I apologize if I missed posting this earlier! Good luck to all ye who enter!

And in other news, check out the publishing statistics here. It made me feel much better about my lack of short stories, at least. ;D

Addendum: Check out Nathan Bransford’s talk on book pitching. The link will take you to Janet Goldstein’s site where she has a recording of him posted.

Get Thee To Weronika’s Site NOW

You don’t have time for anything but a quick review of your query and first ten pages, but go to Weronika Janczuk’s site and enter her contest. You have until 8PM EST!

Weronika is a literary assistant in a New York Literary Agency and can no doubt give valuable insights into your query and your novel’s first ten pages.

Two of a pair

Elana Johnson is cosponsoring a contest with Shelli at Market My Words. Check her out as soon as you can. She’s also given a link to another contest. Many thanks to these ladies and their generosity!

Contest List

You may have noticed I’ve posted a contest Gadget. I would have sworn I had once blogged about a website that hosted contests for writers who wished to promote east-west relations. I cannot find that contest and I’m kicking myself from east to west now, but if you know of that contest or any others I should list, please feel free to flick me in the head and post your suggestions.

My kid’s birthday party is this afternoon and I have Mommy Brain.