When Perfect Agents Aren’t

Sigh. It turns out Russell Galen is uninterested in my setting. Query letter was fine. I can’t really fault him. I dislike anything set in the Americas for the most part. But CRAP. Otherwise, he was the perfect agent for me. We both seem to like strong religious and/or political elements to our fantasy, and emotionally engrossing, character-driven plots. There were very few books he’d listed on his site that I didn’t find fascinating. Where else am I going to find an agent that mimics what I like to read? (Why am I so picky?) I’ve got a few more queries out and a few more possibilities lined up. Then I’m going to have to look into English agents and possibly Chinese. Chinese-speaking agents may not work out as well if I ever return to your typical Euro-centric setting. Sigh. *Sassafrassafrickinfrackin…*






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