Blogging from a smart phone

Is not fun, so I’ll ask you what are you’re most frustrating writing or blogging moments?






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5 Responses to “Blogging from a smart phone”

  1. Giora says:

    Hi Victoria. Nice to find your blog, because my novel is set in China. Best wishes from Canada.

  2. Barbara Ann Wright says:

    I hate trying to blog or do anything on my phone. It always cuts out or loses network at the worst moment.

  3. Victoria Dixon says:

    Hi, Giora! Thanks for commenting and I'll be sure to reciprocate. 😀 I love finding others interested in China (in particular) and unusual settings in general.

    Hi, Barbara Ann! I've FINALLY got my computer back as of this morning. Woo hoo! I've been grateful for the phone this week, not least because of the blogging issue, but it was NOT easy or enjoyable and of course, surfing the web is too annoying to consider. LOL Viva la computer!

  4. giora says:

    Hi Victoria, I send an application to join your Yahoo group for authors of Asian novels. Both of our novels set in China, but in very differnt times. I guess that you have a newrer version of your first 2 chapters set in ancient China. I'll be happy to read it when it's ready.

  5. Ron at CM says:

    Hi Victoria!
    I like your creative solution to the challenges of blogging from a smart phone. Put the onus on others to respond via smart phone. B^)

    I've got some great iPad apps for both blogging and other SM (Social Media…) so my biggest challenge is finding the nearest WiFi hotspot to transmit from. (My iPad has 3G but since you can't roll over unused bundle after 30 days it doesn't make too much sense.)

    Ron (without the long O)

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