China Artistry in the News

In a recent NPR Morning Edition article by Sandy Totten, Americans found that China wants to use the western movie making infrastructure to promote China and its long history. “The Chinese government-owned company recently invested $30 million in hopes of making a movie that would both celebrate Chinese culture and turn a tidy profit.”

America has had a healthy artistic relationship with Japan for decades now and it seems we’re building the same with China. I see so much more interest in China, it’s history, art, language than even a few years ago. There are more books published by American authors that are set in China or peopled with Chinese characters, there’s the vast popularity of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms video games, numerous comics, and of course, the burgeoning number of movies with Western sensibilities and Chinese settings titillates.

What about you? Are you excited by upcoming titles or publishing opportunities?




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3 Responses to “China Artistry in the News”

  1. Margo Berendsen says:

    Okay, this might sound lame, but Disney's Mulan opened up a whole new fascination for China with me. Also, I'm currently researching the Huns for my book – fascinating stuff. Possibly descended from the Xiongnu, who had quite the relationship w/China, I gather. I'm curious, what got you fascinated with China?

    Oh, and you were one of the winners of my giveaway. You had requested Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. along with three other winners..I hope The Help is of interest to ou instead? If so, email me your address at beerendsen70 at yahoo dot com.

  2. Rachna Chhabria says:

    Yep..I am quite excited by new opportunities in the publishing world.

  3. Victoria Dixon says:

    LOL Funny you should ask, Margo. My first interest in China was sparked by the story of a little yellow duck named Ping who lived on the Yangtze river. I remember reading it to myself as a child and being fascinated by the details. Later on, Pearl S. Buck caught my attention even though her stories are far from what I normally read. I say it's funny because we just bought my daughter, who was born not far from the Yangtze herself, her own copy of Ping. Some things never go out of style.
    Thanks for the tip! I'll contact you privately and come round and say thanks properly. 😀

    Rachna, thanks for dropping by!

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