One MORE Giveaway

Yup. I’ve decided I need to add something to my list so here goes:

Winners will also be able to choose from Malinda Lo’s “Asha,” courtesy of Tessa at AndAnythingAsh

and – as much as I did enjoy it – I’m willing to give up my copy of “To Ride the God’s Own Stallion.” To Ride the Gods' Own Stallion

Just keep on commenting, feel free to tweet, facebook or blog about it and if you do, let me know. As per my original One Hundred Followers Post, I’ll give out extra points for each post.




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8 Responses to “One MORE Giveaway”

  1. Rachna Chhabria says:

    The books sound lovely, Victoria.

  2. lilacfield says:

    I can never say no to books!

  3. Victoria Dixon says:

    LOL I know the feeling, Eve!

    Thanks for dropping in, Rachna!

  4. Barbara Ann Wright says:

    Ah, but which cover will the giveaway book have?

  5. lilacfield says:

    And I tweeted about it here:
    Hopefully that'll get you more comments!

  6. Victoria Dixon says:

    Excellent question, Barbara Ann. ;D I made a point of choosing the covers I have in my possession.

    Thanks so much for the extra effort, Eve! I've got you down for three more extra points. ;D

  7. Margo Berendsen says:

    I cannot resist anything with horses in the title or cover! I read your review on the God's Own stallion too. I'll definitely jump in for a giveaway! Off to tweet this right now.

  8. Victoria Dixon says:

    Thanks, Margo! I know what you mean about the horses. I'm always there for anything with a horse on the cover. 😀

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