Book Review of Girl From the Well

You’re (possibly) thinking, “OMG! She’s not dead!” No, I”m not but the past two years have made me feel that way. Frequently. That said, it’s not what I wanted to tell you today. No, I wanted to tell you about a character who is dead.

I was privileged to  read devour Rin Chupeco’s “The Girl From the Well” this week. This book enthralled me. Could. Not. Put. Down. It’s both terrifying and moving and the end – just wow. The hook tells you a lot:

I am where dead children go.

Nice. I refuse to give away anything, so I’ll tell you no more than the jacket does. This is an urban fantasy, mostly set in Japan (and you KNOW how much I loved that) and is based around a character from Japanese folklore and history: Okiku, the ghost from Himeji Castle’s Okiku’s Well.

If you’ve seen a movie with a wet dead girl, that story owes its creepiness to Okiku and this story does her so much justice, beauty and honor. Go out and read it.

Review by Victoria Dixon. No arcs were sent for the review of this novel.

New News

Hi, folks. I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. The world of job searching, freelancing,temping and home-selling has consumed all my spare time. Even my writing has suffered and you know what that does to a writer.

I wanted to pass on two tidbits before I return to my life:1. My friend Rashda Khan (or Mina to those of you who are more familiar with her pen name) has a give away in celebration of her first book’s birthday. So happy birthday to The Djinn’s Dilemma and get over there to see what goodies she’s giving away. 🙂

2. Many of you know I have a working relationship with the Book Doctors, who are some of the finest examples of human beings I know. (If you’re not reading their book, why NOT?)  They cautioned writers in general NOT to submit to agents in New York right now. It’s common sense, but bears repeating especially to those of us who are so absorbed in our work we’re not aware of the world. The East Coast was  SLAMMED by Frankenstorm. (It seems wrong to call this thing “Sandy.”)  Have some compassion. Let them clear a way to their offices, turn the power on and mourn their losses.  They will thank you by not pitching your mss and blacklisting your names.  Seriously. They take the lack of sympathy as a sign of your personality and who wants to work with someone that crass?

My prayers and sympathy are with those people who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods. God bless.

Your Opinion on a New Beginning

Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted. Sorry about that. Life turned a bit more topsy turvy this past month.

The good news is, I’ve had agent interest that’s spurred me to pull one more beginning out of the hat. I didn’t believe there WAS one more opening I hadn’t already tried, but there ya go. Not only did I write it, it’s been voted best yet by those in the know.

The new beginning isn’t the only change. I’ve cut over 100 pages from the ms since Tuesday night. My critique group’s so awesome they were able to find the fat from looking at a synopsis. You guys are the best!!

So if you’re interested, the new beginning’s at blogging friend Adam Heine’s blog this week and he’s giving away freebies to lucky winners. ;D There have been some awesome suggestions so far and I’d love to know, what do you think?


Bradbury’s Memorial Anthology

“Science fiction is the art of the possible, not the art of the impossible. As soon as you deal with things that can’t happen, you are writing fantasy.” – Ray Bradbury

Yup, you knew someone would do this.

Many thanks to Lisha Cauthen, who sent me the following information:


We’re seeking fantasy and sociological science fiction short
stories to create an anthology in Ray Bradbury’s honor.
Deadline July 31, 2012. Previously unpublished fantasy or
sociological SF only. 1,500 to 15,000 words. All winning
entries will be included in the StoneThread anthology.
Winners will receive a free copy of the anthology, plus

First Place: $50
Second through Sixth: $20
Honorable Mentions: $10

I did go to their website and ironically, I don’t think my story about Bradbury fits what they want.  They’re using the above quote by Bradbury  to define what they’re looking for and my story doesn’t fit either mold, but seems to be straight forward fiction for once.  That said, I do have a short I’ll send and it was inspired by Bradbury, so it’s still suitable on many fronts.

What about you? Got submission?

Rest In Peace, My Mentor

Before you ask, no, I never met Ray Bradbury.

How I wanted to. I dreamed I did once, years ago. I dreamed I met him and inadvertently caused his death. I woke up in tears, so upset I rewrote my dream as a short story and made sure there was some sort of survival for Ray. Knowing no one gets out alive. Yeah, I have a death obsession. Yeah, I’m also a Bradbury fan girl.

Always will be, Ray, but damn, I wish I could have told you that.