Mina Khan

Pay It Forward

Well, thanks to follower, friend and critique buddy Janet Johnson, I have a blogging award to pass on.

According to Janet, the idea is “to share three under-the-radar blogs that I love and then visit the blogs everyone else mentions,” that is, the blogs of your visitors.

Well, I am definitely under-the-radar and nichey. LOL There’s no way around that. I’m not sure you can call Catwood’s blog “under-the-radar,” but she’s rebuilding her site. If you’ve ever done that, you’ll know you lose a whole bunch of followers, so I thought I’d post her link.

Hot Curries & Cold Beer is an excellent food blog by Rashda Khan, also known as Mina Khan, author of the Djinn’s Dilemma that I mentioned in my last post. She’s got more than one blog, but I do enjoy the food one and it’s deliciously a little under-the-radar. Yum. 🙂

Jeannie Lin’s blog is far from under-the-radar, but it is still related to my topic and therefore nichey. Head over there today. She’s got a great post on one of the differences between Western and Asian lit.

Supernatural Creatures and Other Delightful Subjects

Thanks to an interview with author and friend, Mina Khan about her upcoming book, The Djinn’s Dilemma, I’m pondering supernatural creatures.

My favorite when I was a child were unicorns. I even created five tribes of unicorns for my first book. Fortunately, that’s almost all I remember of that literary travesty, though I did finish it. LOL

Mina’s interview made me ponder what supernatural creatures I’m interested in now. I used a ghost in my last work. For a future series, I think I’ll look up the difference between a Djinn and an Iffrit and possibly use one or both. I think I’ve looked them up before, but don’t recall what I discovered. (I blame old age.)

Are you interested in the supernatural or faerie creatures? If so, which ones?