Supernatural Creatures

Supernatural Creatures and Other Delightful Subjects

Thanks to an interview with author and friend, Mina Khan about her upcoming book, The Djinn’s Dilemma, I’m pondering supernatural creatures.

My favorite when I was a child were unicorns. I even created five tribes of unicorns for my first book. Fortunately, that’s almost all I remember of that literary travesty, though I did finish it. LOL

Mina’s interview made me ponder what supernatural creatures I’m interested in now. I used a ghost in my last work. For a future series, I think I’ll look up the difference between a Djinn and an Iffrit and possibly use one or both. I think I’ve looked them up before, but don’t recall what I discovered. (I blame old age.)

Are you interested in the supernatural or faerie creatures? If so, which ones?