Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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Check out the article below. I did copy it from, but feel free to go there and see the book they’re discussing. How cool is it that there’s a PROVERB based on my source material? LOL Seriously, I WANT this book. I wonder if it’s published in English? hmmm., here I come!

Exploration of the `Romance of Three Kingdoms’
[by] Heo Woo-beom; Sungandang Company; 520 pp., 19,800 won
“Don’t talk to a person who hasn’t read Romance of the Three Kingdoms three times,” a Korean proverb says, showing the timeless popularity of the Chinese historical novel. Many readers might be overwhelmed by the heroic activities of the protagonists in the Chinese classic piece.In “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” fictional imagination was added to historical events in the period around the end of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms era of China, reflecting Sino-centrism in which numerous characters appear in historical spots.To better understand the classic stories and explore the locations that appeared in the novel, the author embarked on a trip to China in 2002. The book is based on the author’s experiences over seven years and is the first of its kind to introduce the historical places connected to the novel’s stories.It also contains colorful photos of the locations taken by the author and explains the scenes of the novel in detail.The book is not only a good guide to the historical locations but also shows thorough academic research on Chinese history.-Chung Ah-young

Mostly concerned about hook

I’m once again seeking help on my hook, but I’ve also got my query letter up for review at There’s got to be a way to have a hook, get the reader involved and not lose them due to unfamiliar territory. I’m not confident in what I’ve got right now. Sigh.

What to post on your website

Thanks to AnnaSophia at EveningFades for posting this link (see title of this post) on Agent Query. It’s a link to a nice article on what to post to your professional author’s website. While I do not yet have a publisher or agent, I will still be able to use some of these tips for Dixon Artistry. Hopefully I’ll use all of them eventually. ;D

Mourn Their Courage: Chapter Two Flogging Complete

I think I got off light, so if anyone still wants to put their two cents in, contact me via my blog. I’m delighted with all the stuff Sandi and her other readers found and helped me correct. At least that’s one less read-thru I’ll have to do as I can now take their suggestions and follow them throughout the novel. I really recommend the process to anyone out there, but especially those folks who are blinded to what their novel needs.

Making a Book Trailer

And since I NEED something else to do (snorts), I will now make a book trailer. Anyone have LOTS of images of Chinese warriors kick-***ing each other? LOL

I do have a genius of a husband willing to help, but this may strain our marriage. ;D