The Taming of Mei Lin – Outtakes

Last post I promised to share one of the many points in this story that had me chuckling, so without further ado, I’ve chosen a scene that follows closely on the last one. Mei Lin comes to see Shen Leung, but she doesn’t have a strong plan in mind:
     The scent of her hair assailed him. Orange blossoms mixed with something mysterious and feminine.
     “You smell nice,” he said dully.
     She said nothing. All he did was turn his face the slightest bit and his cheek brushed inadvertently against hers. Smooth, cool skin.
     He inhaled. “You wore perfume to come and kill me?”
     A ribbon of tension rippled through her, but nothing for him to be alarmed at. Yet. She took a long, shuddering breath before she spoke.
     “I wasn’t coming here to kill you at first.”
     “No?” He couldn’t help himself. He burrowed into the space above her shoulder.  His lips brushed her neck. Just enough to still be accidental. He hoped.
     “I first thought I would…I came her to…” She let out a sigh, defeated. “I thought I would seduce you.”
     Fierce, hot lust slammed into him. He stiffened and hoped that the quilt was strategically wedged between them.
     “But when I saw you, I realized I had no idea how to seduce a man. So I thought it would just be easier to kill you.”
     Laughter erupted out of him.

Me, too.




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6 Responses to “The Taming of Mei Lin – Outtakes”

  1. TK Richardson says:

    Great outtake! Have to admit – I laughed a little, too. 🙂

  2. Summer Ross says:

    Thats great LOL thanks for sharing

  3. Victoria Dixon says:

    Yeah, and that's the first of many in the story. ;D Thanks for dropping in!

  4. Jemi Fraser says:

    That is hysterical!! 🙂 Too funny!

  5. Rachna Chhabria says:

    It really made me laugh. Thanks Victoria, for cheering me up on this extra dull day.

  6. Victoria Dixon says:

    You're so welcome, Jemi and Rachna.

    Rachna, I just went over to see you – so what's up? Why is it a dull day? I hope everything's ok!

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